Thankyou Steve

Thankyou Steve

I'm not an Apple fanboy. While I'm a proud owner of a Macbook Pro, I love my HTC Android phone dearly. I haven't bought a tablet yet, but I've got my eye on the new Amazon Kindle as it's probably better suited to my needs than an iPad. In short I’m not much of a brand loyalist and the only thing I’ve really ever been evangelical about is great design.

However I was truly saddened today to learn of Steve Jobs' passing via Twitter. The public sorrow expressed both online and offline is testament to one of the most amazing visionaries of our time. Because I'm not an Apple fanboy I can't really thank Steve for many of Apple's great products, but I can thank him for the graphical interface, smart phones, proportional fonts, tablet computing and many other technologies that have changed the way I live my life and go about my work.

What's interesting about all of Steve Jobs' contributions is that they already existed in some form before he transformed them. It took a mind like his to see the true potential of these technologies and his diligent care to make them truly great products that changed our lives. However the most important legacy of Steve Jobs is not the products he left behind, but the drive for perfection he inspired.

Thankyou Steve for everything you've given us...

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