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Taylor Reynolds website

I'm busy as always and struggling to find time to post on here, let alone write a full-length article, however I've been working on some great projects for both Square Circle Triangle and freelance clients. Developing and launching a website for Taylor Reynolds, a building consultancy based in Fitzroy, has been one highlight from a busy couple of weeks.

Gary Domoney of Visua Studio approached me a couple of months ago to implement the site for Taylor Reynolds, a recently established consultancy specialising in residential development and design services. Due to the success of projects I've undertaken in collaboration with Visua in the past I jumped at the opportunity. Jobs of this nature are always an excellent chance to produce beautiful work, while also exploring new techniques and technologies.

The final website is minimal in nature, but components such as the large stenciled type reflect the gritty urban aesthetic of Fitzroy where the client is based. When combined with the beautiful photography by Patrick Reynolds the result is a simple, yet stunning website.

The site is quite sparse, but this actually increases the complexity surrounding front-end development and implementation. For instance I decided early during development that the minimal nature of the site would be enhanced by smooth transitions between pages, which could only be implemented by incorporating Ajax techniques. However this was an excellent opportunity to experiment with the HTML5 History API, which is now widely supported by most modern browsers. No more hash tags!

The website is also somewhat responsive as the layout condenses to a certain point to support tablet devices. However developing a layout that would condense for smaller screens was out of scope, so myself and Visua elected to serve a simplified version of the site to mobile users so the site would at least remain accessible. Ultimately the decision to further develop this mobile layout will be reliant on collecting data concerning the devices being used to access the new website.

I'm really happy with the final result and enthusiastic about the possibility of developing more websites like this for great clients and collaborating with design studios in this particular fashion. You can read more about the Taylor Reynolds identity design at the Visua blog and be sure to check out the Taylor Reynolds website.