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Plans for 2012

I’m finally back into the swing of things after a busy December, which was followed by some time off over Christmas. 2011 was a great year and I worked on great projects for Square Circle Triangle and freelance clients. 2012 is already shaping up to be pretty interesting year. After receiving a fair few emails from various people asking what I’m up to, I thought I’d share what I’ve got planned for the year.

I’m continuing to work at Square Circle Triangle in a more design focused role and I’m extremely happy there so I won’t be moving on for some time and certainly not at any stage during 2012. One project in particular has got me very excited, but due to its nature I can’t reveal too much except to say I’m looking forward to it and will hopefully be able to share some work in a few months. Square Circle Triangle are also in the process of refreshing their brand and web presence and I’m enjoying being a part of that as well.

Therefore I’m not accepting large amounts of freelance work at the moment as I’m confining myself to smaller boutique clients, whose industry and/or approach lend themselves to producing high quality and personally rewarding work. At the moment I’m building a couple of sites and undertaking some branding projects and look forward to sharing those over the next couple of months.

I’m also changing my work schedule, dropping down to four days and I’m hoping to use the extra time to work on some personal projects that have been in the pipeline for a while, but haven’t come to fruition. I’m hopeful that these projects will also eventually become passive income sources.

I’ll continue to write about design and my experiences within the industry on this blog and despite the positive feedback I’ve received about the design I’m hoping to undertake a redesign after the current craziness dissipates a little.

I’m really enthusiastic about 2012 and looking forward to producing some great work, so keep an eye on this blog and my Behance folio for fresh updates.