Back Offscreen Magazine

Back Offscreen Magazine

I love Kickstarter and visit the site regularly. It's home to some great projects that are well deserving of the design community's support. I came across one such project earlier today and was instantly compelled to back it. I only pledged $35, but hopefully my small financial contribution will help make Offscreen Magazine a reality.

Created by Kai Brach (Melbourne based like myself) and Jess Murray, Offscreen will be a printed publication dedicated to showcasing the creative talent behind some of the best websites and apps around. Each issue will contain eight sizable interviews with leading digital designers and developers to expose the hard work, passion and creativity behind great interfaces.

While it may seem strange to choose a printed format for this subject I personally believe that it's a great decision. I love the tactile nature of print and am an avid collector of books and magazines. The team behind Offset seem determined for this to be high quality product as well, which will only help make it more coveted by design nerds such as myself.

I have no relationship with anyone on the team, so this isn't a shameless plug. I genuinely would love to see this project become a reality! So get over to Kickstarter and pledge some cash!

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