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A return to blogging

Over the past five months this site has conspicuously remained dormant. In February of this year I made a decision not to post anything until I had cleared a substantial backlog of work and taken the the time to pursue a number of personal projects. I’ve been busy! Really busy!

After finally clearing a large backlog of work I’ve made the decision to become more selective about the projects I’ll be pursuing in the future. In a nutshell this means I’ll be doing less freelance web development work for other designers. I’ll now be concentrating on client work that allows me to take websites from design to development myself.

While I love collaborating with designers on projects, I’ve found it difficult to manage timelines and expectations when I’m not directly liaising with clients. I’ve also found that such jobs can often be more time consuming, as I’m not directly involved in the design phase, something I’m sure that most web developers can sympathise with.

This will also allow more time to pursue several personal projects, the first of which is a blog dedicated to showcasing the very best in typographic design called Incredible Types. I’m still toiling away, but will launch the site in the next couple of months.

I’m also pumped to be blogging again as I believe it’s an essential part of our profession. I think I get as much out of writing about design, web development and tech as I do grinding away at projects - if not more. Drew McLellan makes an excellent case for blogging in his popular article Ideas Of March, which is well worth a read.

Therefore I’m attempting to blog at least once every fortnight so subscribe, bookmark and check back regularly.