A new start for nathanleighdavis.com

A new start for nathanleighdavis.com

You've no doubt noticed that nothing has been posted for quite a while. This is because I've been undertaking a redesign over the last couple of weeks to address some issues I needed to desperately resolve. My frustration with the previous design reached its climax a few weeks ago and I resolved not to post any more material until I had addressed these problems.

I fell into the trap of thinking my blog had to be perfect, but I now realise that this is the wrong way to approach a personal blog. Crafting each individual post takes time - too much time. I want to allocate my free-time to undertaking great freelance and personal projects, not styling individual blog posts.

Therefore the new design isn’t as polished. It’s designed and built to expediate the process of posting content. I’m looking forward to blogging within this new simplified framework as a result. I can now publish content with minimal fuss.

This approach also feels more honest too. When content and design become too considered it can cause paralysis because blogging becomes such a burden. The result also feels contrived.

Maintaining this blog should now be a more enjoyable experience, rather than a massive burden. I'm looking forward to posting more regularly, while also having more time free to work on personal and freelance projects.

Comments will be enabled soon. In the mean time let me know what you think via Twitter