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A new journal

I've really enjoyed producing the articles that are featured on the homepage, but in hindsight committing to a publication cycle of even a couple of weeks was probably too ambitious. This is because I want the writing and artwork to be of a very high quality and this takes a fair bit of time, so it’s more likely a new article will appear once a month. Therefore I've decided to add a new section to my site to bridge the gap between Twitter and my articles.

Items such as recent news, notes, links, thoughts and recent work will appear here in the Journal section of my site, making it a blog of sorts. For the moment I've elected not include comments, but they will be added in the future when the site begins to receive a little more traffic.

I'm feeling pretty positive about the addition of this new section and feel that it will help increase traffic to the site, while providing more an avenue for sharing more content with the web design community.