Nathan Leigh Davis is a designer and developer who writes about design, technology and things that inspire him.


Introducing Incredible Types

I’m very proud to introduce Incredible Types, a curated collection of great typography and design that has been my pet project for the last six months. The site launched a little over a week ago and the response from the design community has been great.

Initially the site started as a personal archive of great design collected from the Internet, which I’d flick through when I needed inspiration. I realised that it would also be a great resource for other designers though and set about turning it into a design blog.

Launching a design blog is hardly an original idea though, so I’m surprised to see the site growing so quickly. I’m still not even sure what compelled me to undertake the project in the first place and what compels me to keep posting.

I think I like the idea of sharing great design with the rest of our community, especially because I feel a lot of “design” blogs out there fall dismally short. The goal of the blog is definitely to promote good design and the work of the very best designers out there - including those that aren’t as well known as others.

After going freelance I seem to spend a lot of my time writing, emailing, in meetings and coding. While I still design a fair bit I don’t do it as much as I’d like, so on a personal level I think Incredible Types is about reconnecting with what I really love - great typography and design. I’m also enjoying the process of running a blog and learning more about it. Writing about design has also become something of a passion!

I’m still working my way through the entries posted before the site went live and emailing those whose work has been included. If I haven’t contacted you personally I will do so... eventually. Thankyou to those who have followed IT on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest and to those who have submitted their work too.